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What Role Does Body Massage Play In Black Skin Care
There are so many options on a spa menu that it's easy to get confused. So if you've ever found yourself staring at a spa menu and going

"What the hell do I do now?" 

"What do I choose?" 

"I don't know what these different types of massage will do for my skin or my body."

Now one thing's for certain. Whatever style you choose, you're going to enjoy the added benefits of how it will improve your beautiful black skin. One thing to know about massage is that it's great for circulating the blood flow to your skin.

While the motions used in massage are often referred to as therapeutic, plant based oils, many of them with moisturizing, detoxifying and anti-aging properties will actually penetrate more deeply into your skin when used in the massage regimen.

To help you find your way and understand a bit more about massage, I'm going to talk briefly about the different types of massage and what they're good for.

Swedish Massage - The most popular style/type on a given spa menu. It's defined as what you know by it's mix of long, lite, slow and rhythmic strokes and it's often called the classic massage. The therapist begins with your back and ends up with lite strokes that are actually on your scalp.

The Swedish massage is good for general relaxation, stress relief and increased blood flow and circulation. It's often referred to as your one type fits all type of massage and it's pretty much good for most body types, most ages and it'll handle most issues that you may be challenged with (sore back, muscle aches, sore feet.

If you have areas that need a just a little bit of treatment, don't hesitate to ask the therapist to concentrate on one given area more than the other. I would suggest that you allow the therapist to do the complete body massage.

Then ask them to concentrate on a given area. From my experience, when you tell them I'm having lower back pain and it's been giving me a hard time for the past 3 weeks, you'll miss out on the full body because the therapist will inevitably take that as if they need to concentrate solely on the lower back, which means you miss the beauty of everything from a head massage to your legs, back and feet.

Shiatsu - Shiatsu is a Japanese combination word for "finger" and "pressure". Shiatsu used kneading, pressing, tapping and stretching techniques, plush palm and thumb pressure to work on specific meridians of your body.

Shiatsu is good for balancing the flow of Qi (life force). The life force runs through your body as well as treating a wide range of internal and muscular skeletal issues. Many people who look for the Shiatsu treatment are looking for a treatment that's going to deal with headaches, digestive disorders, fatigue, insomnia, fibro-myalgia, stress, anxiety, lower back, neck and joint pain.

Those are some of the body challenges that Shiatsu will help you eliminate or alleviate the pain associated with some of these challenges.

Deep Tissue - This type of massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue which is done by using warming strokes to increase circulation. Then it's followed by firmer strokes in which the therapist may use their elbow, forearm or heavy finger pressure to work the body.

Deep tissue massage is good for easing chronic pain, blood flow, reducing inflammation and alleviating tension resulting from tight tissue clusters. 

Lymphatic drainage - This massage is designed to encourage the drainage of  the lymph nodes and swelling of tissues. It's a gentle massage that uses slow rhythmic strokes performed in the direction of the lymph flow to help vessels open up and increase circulation.

The person that's performing the lymphatic drainage massage often uses a soft rubbing, tapping and fluttery lite strokes to push any accumulated fluid in the right direction. When you think of lymphatic drainage, you have your lymph nodes that are blocked.

This happens when you've got lymphatic cancer (breast cancer).  It could even be the beginning stages of a cyst. 

Lymphatic drainage keeps the pores and meridians clear so accumulated waste can be drained and moved through your body. This massage was originally created to help reduce inflammation after surgery. Manual lymph drainage has proved to be successful as a detoxifying treatment as well.

It's also effective for treating headaches, sinusitis and congestion which reduces swelling after periods of immobility ( like traveling). As far as skin care is concerned, it can help clear your complexion and improve the appearance of scars, removing fine lines and it's often used as a popular service for pre and post cosmetic surgery.

But we know that as people of color it's not often that we'll go "under the knife" for any type of treatment because it just isn't necessary. Plus, you have to concern yourself with how your skin's going to respond. 

Because of the melanin, when you go under the knife as far as having any type of cosmetic surgery, you want to make sure you have a history of what your family skin has been like.  Tai Massage - This is becoming very popular in our community as far as massage is concerned is a mix of traditional Chinese and Indian style massage, which includes yoga influenced stretching moves.

The tai massage is performed oil free on a padded mat on the floor, in which you're in loose pajama style clothing and the therapist will start at your feet and continue up through your body, focusing on releasing blockage of the energy lines and easing your limbs into assisted yoga postures.

It's often a workout for the therapist as well as you. They might use their feet, legs, forearms as far as stretching is concerned, acupressure as well as rhythmic compression work. 

The tai massage is good for relieving muscle and joint pain, improving your posture, re balancing your body, unblocking energy meridians and stimulating circulation. Once it's done, you often feel deeply relaxed as well as energized. 

Reflexology - Reflexology is based on the idea that there are hundreds of points on your feet that correspond to different parts on your body, including the internal organs and glands.

This is known as body work, which uses firm pressure to the zones on your feet, targeted by using your thumb and your fingers. Reflexology is also used on your hands even though it's more commonly known as a foot treatment. And you will see that it provides a benefit for full body relaxation.

And So....

I just wanted to share the different types of body massage treatments that are offered and when you can work it into your schedule and I hope you find a way to do it soon.

Get yourself a full body massage and you'll have an idea of what massage is going to be most beneficial to what you're trying to work through when the therapist lays their hands on your body.

Dedicated To Your Beauty

Juliette Samuel,

Nyraju Skin Care
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