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What's New and Tending in the World of Skin Care

What's New and Tending in the World of Skin Care

What's new and tending in the world of skin care? This can be a loaded question. Since there’s nothing new under the Sun, new and not so new trends would simply be a resurgence of products past. Or would it. Trending now in the world of skin care is cannabis - CBD oil in particular, activated charcoal and honey.

Let’s Take a Look at these Ingredients and Their Role in Today’s Skin Care Trends.

CBD oil is the new kid on the block in skin care. Although CBD comes from the hemp plant, it is not hemp oil as we know it. Hemp oil is taken from the roots and stems of the cannabis plant. CBD oil is taken from the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. Its secret sauce is phyto-cannabinoids. CBD oil is known to help with skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, anti-aging, psoriasis and eczema. The commonality with these conditions is inflammation. Estheticians are loving the fact that they can see improvement, first hand on client’s skin when using CBD oils. With inflamed skin challenges, CBD is showing results by reducing the production of oil. Activated Charcoal has been peeping its head in and out of the beauty industry for the past few years. It is an excellent product for minimizing and controlling the over production of oil in your skin. Activated Charcoal is basically known for its use in mask, at least that’s how it was introduced to the market for skin care. As such it hydrates some skin types. With mature skin, combining activated charcoal and hyaluronic acid, it allows your skin to hold in moisture why while ridding it of impurities. As a cleanser, especially for acne and oily skin, it has been known to latch on to dirt and other particles and wash them away. This helps reduce the appearance of pores and helps clear your skin, at least for some of you. I say for some of you, because like a lot of skin care products, they don’t always work for everyone. Charcoal as a deep cleanser can be well suited for oily skin.

Wait … there’s more

Honey is the one ingredient that can be found in most pantries at any given time. Honey mask are easy to create for your skin. It’s not just any honey we’re talking about, it’s Manuka honey. Okay, so you might not find Manuka in most pantries. Maybe it’s time to change that, especially when it comes to caring for your skin. Manuka honey is the new creme de la creme of honey. It used to be Royal Jelly. The Manuka honey gets its name from the manuka bush in New Zealand. It’s low in water activity, thereby allowing the sugars in the honey to bind with water. This prevents bacteria from using the water to grow. Manuka honey is full of antioxidants, is a super hydrator, makes a great ingredient for mask and night creams.

The Best Trends are Created from Mother Nature

Look closely at these three ingredients, you’ll see that they're all created from Mother Nature in some way or another. The closer you stay to the natural side of beauty products, the better the results you will get from them. CBD products require a deep dive study in order for you to get the best results. That goes for any product for that matter. CBD oils are the new kid on the block with a lot of hype and fanfare behind them. It doesn’t mean they don’t work, it just means you’ll have to do your due diligence to know what works for you. That goes for any skin care product. Study the ingredients and learn what works best for you and your skin. That’s it for this week. As Always … Dedicated To Your Beauty, Juliette Samuel Esthetician/Author/Publisher Nyraju Skin Care
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