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Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama ...Setting Trends and Influencing Style Trending in the news again is Michelle Obama. Kate Betts has put together a fashion piece in her book, Everyday Icon, giving us a peak at Michelle Obama's fashion pieces as she's toured the world setting and influencing fashion trends. The First Lady of Fashion

It's obvious to all of us that Michelle Obama is no ordinary woman. She's African American, almost six feet tall, intellectually confident and turns heads whenever she enters into your sphere. But there's a new book on the shelves, Michelle Style-Celebrating


The First Lady of Fashion, by Mandi Norwood and it's all about Michelle Obama's Style of dress. It gives us, the readers, a walk down memory lane of her Fashion Statements during and after the campaign of her husband, President Obama


Personally, I like the way Michelle Obama has given the Fashion Industry something to strive for. You've got a Real woman dressing in Real clothes and adding a sense of creativity and wonderment every time she steps out into the public.

She takes chances with her wardrobe choices and has taken elegance to a new level. She's not Jackie O, She's Michelle O, two different women with different styles and different taste.

We Welcome the New Fashion Icon, Michelle Obama.

To Your Beauty,

Juliette Samuel,

Esthetician/President, NYRAJU Skin Care

African American Hair Care

There is a new owner in town. Procter & Gamble recently sold it African American hair care company.

The company will continue to operate as Johnson Products Company and will be led by an African American husband and wife team Eric Brown and Renee Cottrell-Brown.

Both have extensive experience in the ethnic hair care market, having held senior executive positions with Pro-Line International, Inc., a subsidiary of Alberto Culver Company.

To the beauty of your hair,

Juliette Samuel,
Esthetician/President- NYRAJU Skin Care

African American Women love Skin Care

According to a study done by Essence Magazine and Vision Critical Group, African American Women spend nearly twice as much on skin care annually than the general market.According to Mikki Taylor, Beauty and Cover Director for Essence, Smart Beauty research confirms that African American Women are confident and aspirational, embracing and celebrating their unique beauty to the fullest.She also states that,as trendsetters, African American Women enjoy the beauty experience and are loyal customers, who trust prestige brands to deliver the quality they expect.

Highlights of the Smart Beauty Conference -

  • African American Women spend 80% more on cosmetics annually and nearly twice as much on skin care product than other markets.
  • The African American Women is Self Confident and describes herself as intelligent, independent, attractive, ambitious, sexy and fabulous more than other markets.
  • When it comes to what the African American Woman purchases - It must reflect her personal style, be a brand that she trust, offer high quality ingredients and be suited to her personal needs.

Thank you Essence Magazine for continuing to be the leader, when it comes to Style and Beauty for African American Women.

To Your Beauty,

Juliette Samuel,

Esthetician/President-NYRAJU Skin Care

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