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Natural Skin Care for Women of Color

Natural Skin Care for Women of Color

Every one of you deserves a skin care regimen that enhances the natural tone and radiance of your skin. Whether your skin is ebony or fair, dry or oily, there are certain nuances to skin care for women of color that differ from Caucasian women. From blemishes to being "ashy", black women go through skin changes with each season.

You gain your richly colored skin tone from high levels of melanin in your skin. Women with dark skin have higher levels of melanin, yes, worth repeating. Women with lighter skin tones have moderate or low levels of melanin in their skin.

However, melanin has its own unique set of advantages as well as disadvantages that you, as a women of color must consider when developing your skin care regimen.

Some of the common skin care issues for women of color are:

Hyperpigmentation: When rich levels of melanin are present in your skin, you can deal with dark spots that come from acne scars or other scarring. Since melanin is highly reactive, you may also experience hyperpigmentation in response to certain medications, including birth control.

Eczema: The National Institute of Health studies say that there is a higher prevalence of eczema among people of color than eczema among Caucasians. Eczema is a condition that causes extremely dry skin that is often treated with cortisone or other steroid treatments.

Eczema can also be treated naturally with a good moisturizing butter that will help ease the dryness as it penetrates into the deeper levels of your skin. Cocoa butter, Shea butter and mango butters provide an excellent solution to those of you that are challenged with eczema, especially when you find it in one product.

Seasonal Changes: The bitter cold of winter and the harsh rays of summer can affect any skin type. With enough heat, normal skin becomes oily. And in the right conditions, your skin can become dry. It's important for you as women of color to recognize what your skin needs, whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter.

Healthy Diet: If you want beautiful skin, hair and nails, a healthy diet is a must. A diet rich in vegetables, fruits and lean proteins can make a tremendous difference in your skin’s health. Green foods are the life blood of your nutritional program. Kale, broccoli, spinach and romaine lettuce are great staples for a healthy eating regimen.

Greasy and fatty foods can make your skin look dull and cause oily skin, acne and other skin problems. Even if you have the perfect skin care regimen, the wrong kind of foods can influence your skin's health.

Water: Water is vital if you want clear, healthy skin. Keep your skin hydrated by drinking the recommended eight glasses of water each day. Lots of water will keep your skin looking moist and supple.

Cleanser: Finding the right cleanser will depend on your skin type. If you haven't found much success in generic products, that's because most mass-produced skin care products are not designed for women of color.

When you're cleansing your skin, it's important to be gentle. Sometimes exfoliating cleansers and products can be too harsh and end up damaging your skin, more than helping.

Moisturizer: Choose a moisturizer with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or Shea butter. These ingredients bring the moisture to your skin without the oily look and feel.

While high levels of melanin in your skin can have its disadvantages, keep in mind that melanin is also what keeps dark skin looking younger and healthier longer.

Melanin also reduces risk of skin cancer, though as black women you must be careful to protect your skin from sun exposure with use of sunscreen and facial lotions with an SPF-15 or higher.

If you're having trouble creating your perfect skin regimen, be sure to see an esthetician who can help you find the right skin care products and regimen for you.

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