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Natural Black Hair Goes Corporate!

Natural Black Hair Goes Corporate!

Going Natural In Your Work Environment?

All to often you see women taking on a very relaxed approach to their hair and skin during the weekends, giving their tresses and skin a much-needed break.

But what happens when you decide to extend your natural look into your work environment? The sky’s the limit. There’s so much versatility when it comes to natural hairstyles.

There's also much more information available on Natural Hair and how to care for it.

While natural hairstyles can convey many things from trends, to cultural statements or declarations of individuality … they can be styled to look extremely professional for your work environment.

How you wear and style your natural hair for work will often depend on the job that you have. Creative types can wear big Afro’s, or natural spiraling curls that are not necessarily neat and in place at every point.

While a more structured work environment might call for a Chignon, French Roll or style more “neatly” done on your head. Yes … you can wear your “Natural” hair styled as a Chignon or French Roll.

“Going Natural” With Your Beautiful Black Hair?

Going natural signifies putting an end to painful chemical burns and the costly expense associated with relaxers every four to six weeks.

Going natural means giving your scalp an opportunity breathe and rid it of toxins associated with chemical relaxers.

Going natural gives some of you an opportunity to experience your hair in a state that you’ve not known for 20-30 years.

Going natural allows you to use natural hair care products that are going to nourish your hair and scalp.

Does Wearing Your Hair Natural Have An Impact on Your Career

While your career advancement should not be determined by how you wear your hair, African American women have felt pressure from society to wear their hair straight using chemicals or excessive heat.

While your hair texture shouldn't measure the progression and/or regression of your career, this has often been the case for you as a Black American woman.

While women with straight hair, whether it's naturally straight or chemically straightened, should not be perceived as more "professional", an employer could often covertly put pressure on you to "straighten" your hair. This has lead to lawsuits from some of you and you've won!

Some of you feel the need to wear wigs for job interviews not wanting to be perceived as different. If this is what it takes in order for you to feed your family and provide shelter for yourself, so be it.

If that's the case, use the weekends to "Let Your Hair Down" and be as natural as you want to be. Your employer doesn't control every minute of your life.

Dedicated To Your Beauty!

Juliette Samuel,

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