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Mineral Water and Its Magic for African American Skin

Mineral Water and Its Magic for African American Skin

The benefits of water in general are simple. You need it to stay hydrated and it's the most basic necessity for life. Not only is it necessary for survival but it could be the fundamental building block that holds your cells together.

What Is Mineral Water and How Is It Good For African American Skin?

You're always reading about spring water or distilled water but it's not often that you read or hear about mineral water and its benefits.

Mineral water contains levels of dissolved minerals, which are acquired as the water travels through rocks and other natural materials to the destination from which it's sourced.

These minerals help in balancing your electrolytes, which are salts (like potassium, magnesium, and chloride). These salts occur in your body and are essential for various body functions.

Internally, mineral water naturally hydrates and specifically offers an additional source of calcium and magnesium. These are two minerals that most people don't get enough of. Mineral water also contains potassium.
  • Calcium is the body's building block. It's known as the build block for strong healthy bones and teeth. Calcium together with magnesium is essential for healthy heart function and is the most common mineral found in your body. When applied topically to your skin calcium cleanses your pores.
  • Magnesium is the stress reducer. It plays a key role in the enzyme activity and is essential for bone, cellular, and muscular equilibrium. When applied topically to your skin, magnesium is thought to treat certain skin infections and speed up wound-healing.
  • Potassium alkalizes your body. It regulates membrane potential and pressure of water between cells, thereby ensuring each cell gets enough food. When taken internally, potassium helps with the growth of new skin cells.
Externally, mineral water provides a number of external benefits including the effects of fighting bacteria. Mineral water can:
  • Help alleviate skin issues. According to Dermatologist Dr Janice Lima-Maribona, , mineral water helps with atopic dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, itchiness and overall dryness. That thin layer of skin under your eyes can certainly benefit from the use of mineral water and products used to revitalize the eye are.
  • Can help set your makeup when using mineral water as a spray mist
  • Mineral waters soothe your skin after treatments such as chemical peels,
  • Mineral water contains silica, zinc and manganese so it can help in fighting redness and make your skin feel smooth and silky.
Did you know that mineral waters have a higher percentage of antibacterial and anti-fungal properties compared to regular tap water?

Did you know that the average African American drinks approximately six eight-ounce servings of water a day and that bottled water accounts for 2.3 of those servings?

pH and Your Water

While the FDA test water for impurities, they do not regulate the pH. The pH of most waters you drink is acidic. Whether it's your water of food, if it's too acidic it is believed to perpetuate poor health poor health.

Whereas food or water in an alkaline state can help neutralize acidity and advocates believe it helps to ward off disease and keep your body and skin hydrated.

You knew that water was important to your health and your skin but you didn't realize just how important did you?

Dedicated To Your Beauty,

Juliette Samuel,

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