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Hyperpigmentation-What Is It And How Does It Fit Into Your African American Skin Care regimen?

Hyperpigmentation-What Is It And How Does It Fit Into Your African American Skin Care regimen?

Hyperpigmentation! What is it and how does it fit into your African American Skin care regimen? In simple terms it’s often defined as the darkening of skin caused by increased melanin.

What causes hyperpigmentation?

Sun exposure is the main culprit of hyperpigmentation. OK, so as an African American, you thought the Sun was your friend. In essence it is. It is your friend but over exposure to the Sun isn’t good for you, even as a melanated being.

The Sun is emitting so much energy that it will burn you up if you stay out in it too long, even as a melanated being. Freckles are a result of too much Sun. Freckles would also be considered hyperpigmentation.

When caring for African American Skin, freckles, dark spots and skin discoloration in general are things that have caused much discomfort when caring for your skin.

Because your skin will show trauma at the drop of a hat, a scratch, pimple pop or hair removal with tweezers, will also create dark spots and skin discoloration. You’re always confronted with the, what will happen if syndrome, should you dare to pop the pimple.

Another cause of hyperpigmentation in African American Skin, is medication. Your internal self changes when you are given certain medications. Your skin begins to reflect the imbalance of color and presents itself as hyperpigmentation.

Sometimes it’s so severe that your skin will look as though it’s been burned. This condition will require a different type of treatment.

Can hyperpigmentation be treated and removed, Naturally?

Yes it can provided it’s not a severe case of hyperpigmentation. One of the most widely known ingredients used in treating hyperpigmentation naturally is Lactic Acid. Lactic Acids are not only versatile but they’re a safe alternative to harsh toxins and carcinogenic ingredients such as hydroquinone.

What exactly is Lactic Acid. It might not sound like the best ingredient but it’s one of the many ingredients that fits the bill in terms of being a natural and safe product for skin lightening.

It's actually an alpha hydroxy acid that's derived from fermented dairy products. There are other alpha hydroxy acids that are derived from fruits and vegetable but Lactic Acids are definitely from dairy products.

They even work for those of you that might find yourselves lactose intolerant.

Another way of treating hyperpigmentation is by exfoliating your skin on a weekly basis. Sometimes the removal of dead skin cells through exfoliation will give your skin a new radiance that had long been forgotten.

Patience is the Key to the success of any skin care product.

The key to natural ingredients is that you’ll have to develop patience. In actuality patience is required whether a product is natural or not. It just seems as though some products work faster than natural products.

Eight to twelve weeks is the same as two to three months, it just sounds better in weeks. And one of the main contributors in any skin care regimen is the nutritional component that goes along with the use of a topical product.

Without a good nutritional plan, your topical skin care regimen will take longer to kick in to effect. You see, the cleaner your system is from within, the better your skin will look from the outside.

Dedicated To Your Beauty,

Juliette Samuel,

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