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How to Work From Home and Give Your Skin The Best Care

How to Work From Home and Give Your Skin The Best Care

Working from home? Until further notice, the "New Normal" will be working from home for millions of people. As of this writing, it's March 2020, the Corona Virus has taken over the world. The United States has ordered schools closed and gatherings no larger than 10 people. This changes daily. Corporations are setting up employees to work from home.

Working From Home? Your Skin Still Needs to Be Cared For.

It's true, you will not be out in the elements or in buildings where the ducts haven't been cleaned in years. However, working form home, your skin will still need special care. Because of the stress alone, not to mention anxiety, your skin will show signs of dryness and dehydration. There can be a tendency to get up and just splash water over your face, and be done for the day. This is by no means, a good idea. Your skin still needs it's regimen. Until you put a schedule in place, working from home can challenging and boring for some. That schedule will include everything you do, from the time you wake up, til the time you go to bed.

Your At Home Skin Care Regimen …

Your at home beauty regimen should be included in your schedule. You'll want to cleanse, tone and moisturize your face. Your body will need those butters and oils, you've tossed in your linen closet or under your sink. Some of you are saying she's lost it. Why would I want to think about my skin in challenging times like these? With your skin, all times are challenging. It's always under attack, whether it's the elements, stress, anxiety or neglect. It's the same mindset during the Winter Season. Some of you don't think your skin needs extra attention during Winter. You wait until Spring time to put a regimen in place. It requires more work when you wait. We're in a period of adjustment. This will not last forever. You’re adjusting to a new way of doing things, when it comes to earning a living. Working from home isn't new for a lot of you. If you by chance work for the Federal Government or major corporations, you were being transitioned into working from home years ago. You fought it because you thought you were being phased out. Not at all, you were being prepared for today's lifestyle. You adapted and found a way to get everything done. Some of you even managed to start a side business because of your flex time. Your skin deserves special attention, especially now. This could very well be your therapy that gets you from day to day.

Working From Home is the New Normal For A Lot More of You

As of today, this is life. I know the conditions that brought you to this reality are not favorable. Yet, it could be opening doors to new opportunities that you didn't see coming. Work with it for now, we really have no choice. Give your skin and hair the special attention it needs. For those of you that have been working from home for years, share how it's done. Let the newbies know how to transition into this new lifestyle without loosing their minds. You'll come back into face to face socialization in a few months. You'll be surprised at how patient you've become and how your skin will have found its glow. Until then, get your rest, eat healthy and stay prayerful. As always … Dedicated To Your Beauty and Wellness, Juliette Samuel, Esthetician/Author/Publisher Nyraju Skin Care
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