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How to Prepare Your Immune System for Covid and Flu Season

How to Prepare Your Immune System for COVID and Flu Season

Can you actually prepare your immune system for Covid, as well as cold and flu season? We knew nothing about COVID-19 until it hit us in February/March of 2020. The world was brought to a screeching halt. No country was exempt. Most countries have chosen to adhere to rules and regulations of getting through the crisis of COVID. Others have done it their way. In the U.S., in particular, it's cold and flu season. This puts the added burden on you of keeping your immune system healthy. Vitamin C, elderberry and vitamin D go hand-n-hand with prepping your body for this time of the year. Let's get a bit more specific.

Lifestyle Choices Will Help Prepare Your Immune System for COVID, Cold and Flu Season

This season, you might want to take little things a bit more serious. Don't smoke/Stop smoking - Yes, it's at the top of the list. Why? Because it's a given that COVID is hard on your respiratory system. Smoking damages your lung's ability to clear any pre-existing or developing infection. Exercise Everyday - You don't have to jog 5 miles, yet a brisk walk for 30 minutes will feel so good. It will circulate your blood, get your heart pumping and open up your lungs. A slow walk will work just as well. A slow walk is like meditating in your steps. You're slowing your pace and enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature, which is a healing within itself. Eating to Live - There's nothing like a well balanced nutritional plan. Having a meal plan will enable you to shop wisely, eat less junk food and nourish your body. Fresh fruits and vegetables should top your list. They're easier on your system when it comes to digestion. Fruits and vegetables move through your colon quicker, thereby not giving your system time to create backup and sludge. When you eat the right foods, you don't have to worry about becoming overweight. Excess weight can be very tiring on you body. It can also slow the function of your organs. No nutritional plan is worth its weight in gold without at least drinking half your body's weight in water.

Wait, there's more ...

Get Out In the Sun - Vitamin D is a great supplement to have on hand. However, when the sun is not being blocked by storm clouds or gray skies, bask in it. Even when it cold outside, the sun rays will feel warm your body. Find Ways to Cope With Stress - Now more than ever, stress has made its way into all of our lives. We can say, "This Too Shall Pass", yet not without an element of stress in our tone. How do you cope? How do we all cope? Find a way that works for you and use it until you can't use it anymore. When that stops working, find another way. I can tell you to be positive. Only you will know how that's going to work out for yourself. Find a way to have quiet time and slow your pace. Talk with whatever Higher Power you commune with … out lout if you have to. Don't worry about what other's think. Find out what works for you and work with it. Get Your Rest - I can't stress how important it is for you to find a way to sleep and rest. Rest can be as simple as changing your environment to reduce distraction or stimulation. Slowing your breathing is a wonderful way to rest. Rest can help your entire body. One good and quick way to Rest is to take a nap. Everything has to stop. It can be 20 minutes to an hour and you will feel completely rejuvenated. Sleep causes your body to categorize your memories of the day. Your muscles repair themselves when you sleep. Hormones get released that regulate growth. This does not happen when you take a nap. To sleep, is to restore your body and that's essential.

Lifestyle Changes, COVID, Colds and Flu

Lifestyle changes will definitely prepare your immune system and help you make it through COVID, colds and the flu season. This short list is by no means the be-all, end-all. It's a way for you to begin to step up and take care of self. That's it for this week. As always, Dedicated To Your Health and Beauty, Juliette Samuel, Esthetician/Author/Publisher, Nyraju Skin Care
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