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How to Add Energy and Excitement to A Neutral Colored Wardrobe

How to Add Energy and Excitement to A Neutral Colored Wardrobe

To add energy and excitement to a neutral colored wardrobe is nothing new to Black women. Or women of color period for that matter. Adding energy and excitement to a neutral colored wardrobe isn't as easy as it might sound, though. Especially if you live in a world of black, beige and white. These are your colors. They excite you! Your entire closet is filled with variations of them. You know the ones … Jet black, obsidian black, opaque black, let's not forget midnight black. Then there's beige, oatmeal, sandstone and canvas. Yes canvas is considered a color in the "beige" family. Last but not least, there's White, stark white, bleached white, washed out white and we can't forget snow-white. These by far are your favorite colors. It's akin to having a skin care regimen, where you have your basics in place: cleanse, tone and moisturize. You've kept it simple. You've organized your closet to have the same simplicity. All blacks, all whites and all the beige hang within their separate color wave. All long sleeves and all short sleeves together in their respective color. Think it's boring? The simplicity will pay off when you're looking for a particular piece. Just as a simple skin care regimen pays off, when it comes to having great looking skin.

Your Neutral Colored Wardrobe is Calling for Excitement

One day you wake up and as if struck by lightening, you want to add red shoes to your all black outfit. First of all the fact that you have red shoes in your closet is a sign of energy, excitement and adventure. Red Shoes .. oh my. Don't have a pair? Maybe it's time to add them to your shoe shelf. You saw them, they spoke to you and you followed instructions by taking them home with you. I get it. Red shoes have a way of adding energy to the way you carry your body. Your outfit feels sassy and so do you. Red shoes aren't the only way to add color to your neutral wardrobe. Shoes period will add energy and excitement to it. They can be polka dot, chevron patterned, black suede with gold heels. Yes your shoes can call the shots when it comes to adding energy and excitement to your neutrals.

How to Use Shawls and Scarves to Wrap Your Neutral Wardrobe in Excitement

As black women, scarves and shawls are part of your accessory drawer. You use them for head scarves and wraps, as well as to warm your neck in winter. They're used to drape over your handbag to add a pop of color when wanted. You like the idea of being your creative self. Of bringing in the unexpected with the addition of a scarf or shawl in a very unusual color wave, pattern or print. Yes, you are the trendsetter. The one that others look too for inspiration when it comes to adding energy and excitement to their neutral wardrobe. You give them courage to be who they are. A scarf can become the excitement and energy you wanted at your waist. It's now your belt or sash.

Want More Energy and Excitement With Color?

By adding bracelets and earrings with to your neutral wardrobe, you can continue to express your individuality. Careful with the materials, though. Unless you're looking for a quick Madi Gras accessory, plastic can appear cheap. There's nothing worse than cheap plastic to destroy the look of a well put together outfit. Choose your materials wisely when it comes to your earrings and bracelets. They can give you the excitement you're looking for with your neutral wardrobe. However, they can also destroy it. Keep them classy and they'll be classics for years to come. Hand painted or hand carved bracelets and earrings can give you just the pop of color you were looking for.

How Do You Get Started Adding Energy and Excitement To Your Neutral Wardrobe?

Start with a color. I used red as an example. You might not like red. Purple or Teal might be your color of choice. Go with it. The color has to be something you like and can live with. You've got to be able to carry off what ever you choose. Choose one item. I spoke of shoes. You might use scarves, bracelets or earrings. However you choose to start, don't wait. There's no time like the present to enhance your neutral colored wardrobe. Step outside of your comfort zone for one day and see how you like it. You might discover a new person who's been waiting to come forth.

That's it for this week. As always …

Dedicated To Your Beauty,

Juliette Samuel


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