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How Do You Make Life Healthy in the Midst of a Pandemic ?

How Do You Make Life Healthy in the Midst of a Pandemic ?

Are you staying healthy in the midst of this pandemic? Little did we know at the beginning of the New Year/New Decade, that we were headed for a Pandemic. Okay, we regular folk didn’t know. Be that as it may, we are in deep shush with this virus and it doesn’t seem to be letting go anytime soon. That means, in the middle of it all, you’ve got to adapt to the mindset of a warrior. Not just a warrior but a warrior that survives and lives. How is that done? You start from the inside out.

Eating Your Way to A Healthier You During the Pandemic

When you get a cold or flu, what’s the first thing your mom makes for you? Cluck, cluck … chicken soup. Building your immune system and keeping yourself healthy is your main goal. A good pot of chicken soup can save the day. Don’t want chicken? Vegetables will make a great pot of soup as well. Add onions, peppers, garlic and ginger. The peppers and ginger will help clear up mucus and congestion. Avoid all things that cause congestion, such as: dairy, cheese, grains and sugar.

Soup at it’s finest.

Let’s take a page from Dr. Anna Cabeca for a hearty soup made with chicken/vegetable broth. She calls it the Reset Soup. Here’s what you’ll need to get started. Ingredients: 3 quarts organic vegetable or chicken broth 6 quarts FILTERED WATER (more if needed) 2 pkgs organic Kale – chop 1 leek, white and green parts – chop 2 unpeeled sweet potatoes – cut into chunks 1 fennel BULB with tops – chopped 1/2 bunch celery – cut into thirds 1 piece ginger – 3- 4 inches – cut lengthwise 3 – 5 unpeeled organic carrots – chop 1-2 large bunches of organic parsley – chop 1 bunch of scallions – chop 1 large onion – chop 10-12 cloves garlic – mashed 1 nori seaweed sheet (optional) tear into pieces 1 – 16oz bag of peas or lentils Spices:
 celtic sea or himalayan salt – 1 tsp pepper to taste – approx – 1 tsp turmeric – 1 heaping tsp
 cumin – 1 tsp Direction: Rinse all the vegetables well. Use a 12 qt or larger stockpot. Put on medium heat, add 2 tbs ghee or coconut oil to bottom of pan, add onions and garlic till brown. She cuts the other vegetables while doing this, then adds spices, carrots, leek, sweet potatoes, fennel, celery, water/broth and all other ingredients. Cover, bring to boil over high heat, add peas/or lentils and additional water as needed then decrease the heat to low and simmer for 2 – 4 hours. This is rich in protein and minerals. Enjoy three ways! 1 – strain broth and sip between meals – add some cayenne pepper if desired 2 – puree in your blender 3 – eat chunky

Staying Within …

Superfoods and lots of vitamins will work wonders. Vitamin C, Zinc, Colloidal silver, Vitamin D are great additions to supplement your live foods. However, there’s nothing like real food to nourish your body. Eat organic and clean as possible and don’t over eat. Hearty soups and pot liquors (broths) are great for nourishing your body. They’re also easy on your digestive system.

Using Essential Oils for Easier Breathing and Relaxation

Essential oils have always been a great way to ease your breathing and calm your nerves. Peppermint and eucalyptus are great oils for respiratory challenges. Diffuse them or create an oil blend and rub them on your chest. Lavender is a good essential oil for relaxation. Another way to use essential oils is through reflexology. You can use them on pressure points in your feet and work them in via massage. Mist your linen and pillows at night. Your blends will help with relaxation as well as make sure bacteria and germs are kept at a minimum.

Finally … Exercise

The simplest and most beneficial form of exercise is walking. It’s great cardio, doesn’t tax your body and you’re able to work up a good sweat to release toxins from your body. Walking puts you in the sun giving you a chance to get your dose of Vitamin D. How do you make life healthy in the middle of a pandemic? Take it one day at a time doing all things necessary to support your health. That’s it for this week. As always… Dedicated To Your Beauty and Wellness Juliette Samuel Esthetician/ Author/ Publisher Nyraju Skin Care
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