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Honey Masque for Black Skin Care
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Whether you skin is mature and needs a little hydration or young and full of acne pimples, the Wild Oats and Honey Masque will help you with both challenges.

Our Wild Oats and Honey Masque smells and feels so deliciously sweet, you'll have to remind yourself that it's for your face, not for eating.

For hundreds of years, women of color have used honey to enhance their beauty. Scientists at the University of Waikato documented the ability of honey to support the skins renewal process, assisting in the formation of stronger collagen.

Stronger collagen means more elastic skin. More elastic skin means younger-looking skin. Younger-looking skin means younger-looking you.

You'll get that classic African American "Black don't crack" skin that all women of color envy.

That's why we love honey - and so will you!

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Good Afternoon Ms. Juliette,

I would like to say thank you for keeping in touch with me about my Honey Masque. It has arrived. I would also like to thank you for the candle as well; I was not expecting a gift. It was all greatly appreciated.

All of the products I ordered from you are amazing and I can already see the changes in the skin on my face.

I have told my family, friends, and church members about your products.

You took out time to care for my shipment so I had to spread the word about you.

Again Thank You and have a wonderful day.

Olivia H,
Conway SC
Juliette, you told me to use the honey masque twice a week at most but I use it everyday. It makes my skin feel so smooth and soft I can't stop touching it.

I know, you also told me to keep my hands off my face. I'll get there.

Jennifer Bradford,
Houston TX
You've made me fall in love with honey. The masque makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. You told me to apply it to my neck as well as my face and I thought you were crazy but I did it any way.

Those lines that form in your neck as you mature began to soften in mine and I noticed my skin didn't look so old. The more I use the honey masque, the better I look. I'm in love with honey. I like the way you spell "Masque", it gives it a mystique to me.

Samantha Glover,
Ft Lauderdale FL
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