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Eating Healthy Foods For Beautiful Black Skin

Eating Healthy Foods For Beautiful Black Skin

Is Eating for Convenience Wreaking Havoc on Your Beautiful Black Skin?

We all have our own relationship with food and what we eat, but the credo is everything should be done in moderation, even moderation.

What we eat has a great deal to do with how we look and how we feel. But unfortunately we eat convenience food in order to save time.

Convenience foods, for the most part are foods that wreak havoc on our bodies since they’re loaded with the least healthy ingredients such as sugar, flour, preservatives and fat.

And while your body may rid itself of many of the toxins, excessive processed foods, pesticides, additives, alcohol, drugs can make your skin appear much older than its years.

These can all create a host of internal factors such as stress and toxic emotions that will interrupt the body’s natural process to detoxify.

So when your body can't eliminate as it should naturally. This backs up in your colon and when you're colons not clean, you're in sludge central. Nine out of ten times when you start seeing eruptions on your skin or start having challenges with your hair, it's because you've got some challenges with eliminating the toxins from your body.

Beauty Foods and Natural Black Skin Care

In order for you to really have beautiful black skin and healthy hair, what you choose to eat is going to contribute a lot to the outcome of what your skin and hair will look like.

Some people refer to a good number of foods as beauty foods. Beauty foods would be things that you would normally think were the basic things for eating such as organic fruits and vegetables.

When you're looking for foods that are going to feed your skin, you'll want whole grains like nuts, brown rice and quinoa, instead of white sugar or white rice.

If you're not a vegetarian, you'll want to stick with organic beef and poultry as opposed to animals that have not been fed and bred a certain way.

You'll also want to increase your intake of oily fish. Salmon, trout, herring and sardines are considered oily fish. These fish are where you find high concentrations of what's known as EFA's (Essential Fatty Acid). EFA's come in two forms being Omega-3 and Omega-6.

When you're looking for foods, leafy greens (kale, spinach, broccoli) are going to be what actually feed your body and nourish your cells.

Eating foods that lack in fiber can lead to constipation. Something as simple as an apple for breakfast or a raw salad for lunch with lots of broccoli, peppers and spinach are foods that will assist in cleansing your colon.

When you're looking for snack foods hummus is a good one, cherry tomatoes as well. They are an excellent source for a healthy snack food.

If you were not lactose intolerant then foods such as feta cheese, organic eggs or plain yogurt would be a good source of dairy to consume. Any meat you take in should be organic hands down. The same goes with any fish, which should come from fresh water.

Apples and berries are the antioxidants that really take care of and free the skin of free radicals that can wreak havoc and damage your skin.

You also want to include pears, peaches, oranges, lemons and lime in your food supply.

Dull Skin and Low Energy Can Signal Time to Detox

Is your skin dull? Do you suffer from fatigue and fluctuations in energy? Do you have headaches, migraines, and stiff joints? Do you have bloating after meals? Are you a compulsive over eater? Do you smoke?

All of these are indications that your system is going to love you if you will start a program that's going to detoxify and eliminate all of the excess waste and bad foods from your system.

You'll notice the glow coming back into your skin and the luster returning to your hair. Yeah, you might be cranky for a few days and then again maybe not.

But won't it be worth it if you feel better and see your beautiful black skin looking ten years younger.

Dedicated To Your Beauty,

Juliette Samuel,

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