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Diabetes - Does It Challenge Your Beautiful Black Skin

Diabetes - Does It Challenge Your Beautiful Black Skin

What is often known and referred to as "Sugar", diabetes is a chronic health condition where the body is unable to produce enough insulin and properly break down sugar (glucose) in your blood.

There's Type I diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes will bring complications to your skin. One of the biggest problems with diabetes is a skin lesion and they serve as a port of entry for secondary infections.

Here are some of the skin issues from diabetes:

Acanthosis nigricans - This condition shows up as hyperpigmented body folds. The dark color is due to thickening of keratin. They can be painful, smell bad, soften and become thinner.

The most effective treatment for this condition is to change your lifestyle, which will include weight-loss and exercise to reduce your insulin resistance.

Skin tags - These are small, star-like, soft, often-pigmented lesions that occur on your eyelids, neck and under your armpits. Skin tags may be a sign of impaired glucose tolerance, diabetes and increased cardiovascular risk.

Skin Thickening - This condition may increase with aging diabetic clients. The thickening often becomes apparent in the skin on your fingers and hands.

There is also a thickening called diabetic scleroderma, where the dermis of the upper back become noticeably thickened.

Vitiligo Vulgaris or hypopigmentation - This occurs more often than not in type1 diabetes. When your skin is challenged with this condition you might want to avoid the sun and use broad-spectrum sunscreens at all times, particularly in areas where hypo-pigmentation is occurring.

Skin manifestations caused by diabetes are localized itching of your skin. This can be caused by a yeast infection, dry skin or poor circulation also. Other bacterial infections can occur in people with diabetes:
  • Boils
  • Styes which are infections of the glands of the eyelids
  • Folliculitis - which is infections of your hair follicles
  • Infections around your nails
Your skin can also experience fungal infections when you have diabetes. They would appear as:
  • Candida albicans ( a yeast like fungus)
  • Jock itch
  • Athletes foot
  • Ringworm
Some of the ingredients to look for in products if you have diabetes are:
  • Tamanu seed oil - this oil has potent collagen activity. It helps heal and prevent stretch marks, broken capillaries and problem skin. Tamanu oil supports wound healing and fragile skin, which are common problems with diabetic skin.
  • Figwort Extract - An ingredient that reduces itching, irritation and stinging.
Diabetes is very prevalent in the African American Community, your eating habits play a very important role in its health and how your skin looks.

Dedicated To Your Beauty,

Juliette Samuel,

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