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Changing The Way You Think Is Important For Reducing Stress

Changing The Way You Think Is Important For Reducing Stress

Can you train your mind to reduce stress? As black women we're inundated with stress on a daily basis. Whether it's our children, our jobs, husbands/partners or the walk to the corner store, stress is always looming over our heads. We're not going to negate safety when moving about. However, we can say that by changing the way we think, we can take our brains in a different direction of thought. Wherever your mind directs, your body follows. Before you can get your eyes opened good in the mornings, chances are you're focused on a dozen things that you have to take care of during the day. God forbid, one of your parents or children is in the hospital. You're exhausted before you get up. How do you calm the storm of stress waiting to set sail on your back today? It's not always easy to find ways to reduce stress as it shows up in your life. There are, however, ways to help you wade through the maze.

How To Manage and Reduce Daily Stress

Meditation - Learning how to shut yourself off from distracting thoughts is crucial. Morning meditation is a way of focusing inward. When you wake up in the mornings, give thanks for your new day. Don't concentrate on bills or your job that you're not happy with. Instead, find a quiet place and give thanks for abundance and prosperity. Give thanks for the confidence and courage to move through your day with ease. Find gratitude in having a place of work until you can move into the environment that really suites you. Be specific when asking or you’ll end up in another space that can possibly drain you. It's easier if you show gratitude before you get out of bed. Oftentimes, once you get up, it's a wrap and you're into your day mentally and physically. Aromatherapy is often used in conjunction with meditation. Finding essential oils, such as lavender, bergamot, frankincense or chamomile are excellent for calming and reducing stress. Exercise is a great way to manage and reduce stress. If you live within walking distance from your job, Walk. Use your lunch hour to leave your place of employment and get fresh air by walking around the block. It will stimulate new ideas. This is a good idea even if you work from home. There's always a salsa or yoga class once a week to ensure flexibility. The key is to keep your body in motion and stimulate your mind. Yes, this will help reduce stress. Nutrition has a big role in reducing stress. When you eat foods that are too salty, too sweet or highly processed. This induces a level of stress on your entire body. Your blood, organs and skin, not to mention your mental ability. They all suffer. Green foods, fresh vegetables, lots of water, grains and some nuts will enhance your health and reduce stress to your body. Struggling to walk because of inflammation is not fun. There are plenty of reports that show changes in ones health and stress level just by changing what you eat.

Caring For The Skin You’re In to Reduce Stress

Think your skin doesn't suffer when you're under stress? Think again! Breakouts, discoloration, dullness can all be attributed to stress. Of course a good skin care regimen is always needed. It can help remove dead skin cells or offer cleansers and moisturizers that don’t damage your skin. At the end of the day, it goes back to eating, exercising and meditation. Your skin shows every sign of your mental state and thinking process.

Changing the Way You Think …

Yes, this process can definitely help in reducing your stress levels. Changing the way you think about yourself, helps you get rid of people that can often bring on added stress as well. Get rid of well meaning/negative talking people. They will not help you move forward into a good space.

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