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Changing The Color of African American Hair - Naturally!

Changing The Color of African American Hair - Naturally!

It's normal to meet people who want a new look. Typically, it's a new hairstyle or a completely new wardrobe. While some of you are content with your hair and wardrobe, some of you are ready to become a wild thing.

I was talking with a friend who lives in Miami and she's made every conceivable hair color change possible. She's gone from her natural black hair to strawberry blonde and from strawberry blonde to platinum blonde. She's worked her color change on relaxed hair, natural hair and locked hair. In the beginning, her biggest concern was not the health of her hair but how well the color looked on her.

And then the results of her ways reared its ugly head. Her hair became so brittle and dry that it literally felt like a straw basket. The commercial products that she used for dying her hair had some serious side effects for her scalp and her roots. While this scare didn't exactly stop her from dying her hair it did make her look for natural herbal blends in hair color.

Yes, you can get color from finely crushed leaves, flowers, stems and herbs with no chemical or artificial coloring added to the herbal solutions. This makes a hair care product safer and more gentle to your hair and scalp.

If you find that you want to become a vivid and sultry red head and there are plenty of African American women that do, your choice would be Lawsonia intermis. You know it as henna.

On the other hand neutral henna that's gotten from the Cassia Senna plant, does not provide coloring but it does provide a great deal for hair care.

These herbal blends contain oils that help condition your scalp, control dandruff and keeps your hair shiny and healthy. If you use commercial dyes too often, your scalp could start to flake and the roots of your hair are not as strong and natural as they could be. The herbal dyes do not last as long as commercial dyes. The herbs only last on your hair for about two months.

So if you want to go to new heights with your look, change your hair color, Naturally!

Dedicated to Your Beauty,

Juliette Samuel,
Esthetician/Publisher for NYRAJU Skin Care

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