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Can You Boost Your Health With Tummy Soothing Teas?

Can You Boost Your Health With Tummy Soothing Teas?

Can teas help boost your tummy health and overall well-being?  There's nothing like a hot cup of tea. The warmth of the cup as it's being held in my your brings about a relaxing, time to kick back mood. It's been said that warm water keeps your intestines humming and that peppermint can help calm an unsettled stomach. Nutrition in general and the foods you eat all play a roll in the health of your stomach. While most seek beautiful black skin from a bottle or jar, the health of your skin actually begins in your stomach ad colon.  Your entire digestive tract contributes to how your skin looks and your belly feels. Teas and herbal tonics can aid in boosting your health, not only for your stomach but also for your entire well being.

Boosting Your Health With Teas for Digestion

The winter holidays have a way of inviting overeating. Some of you wait for Thanksgiving to arrive and you begin a month long love affair with your favorite foods. Your tummy doesn't always like what you send down the pipe, so teas are often turned to for help. To help boost your digestion and break down the turkey and pumpkin pie, bay leaf teas has been known to help. It stimulates the production of your digestive enzymes. For favorable results, crush 2 bay leaves to make a teaspoons worth. Steep this in 1 cup of boiling water covered for 15 minutes. Completely strain the crushed leaves and enjoy as it brings relief to your stomach.

To Relieve Feeling Bloated or Stuffed

Ginger is the go-to tea for this. It can help offer the relief of gas buildup. When gas isn't released, it can be painful. Dice up a tablespoon of fresh ginger and steep in 2 cups of boiling water. You can add a little maple syrup to sweeten. You can also boil about a thumbs length of ginger root chopped up and make a pot of tea to sip on throughout the day. Ginger warms your digestive system and relieves stomachaches, gas nausea and congestion.  Together with dandelion, ginger helps support the fire in your digestive system allowing your food to break down thoroughly in your stomach.

Tummy Soothing Teas for Stress and Digestion

Speaking of dandelion ... Dandelion root can help stimulate the release of bile into your stomach.  This provides support for your liver. Do  you often feel as though you're on a constant treadmill? It takes a lot of blood for your digestive system to do its job effectively. Stress shuts blood away from your digestive system. Your on-the-go lifestyle can cause nervousness and anxiety in your belly, causing your system to not function well.  Dandelion is good for this also. Dandelions make a great tea to help with this. They're grown almost anywhere and help relieve toxins in your body and the earth. You can get herbs from your farmers market or online. The key is to use them and learn as much about them as you can. That’s it for this week. As always… Dedicated To Your Beauty Juliette Samuel Esthetician/Author/Publisher Nyraju Skin Care
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