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Black Skin Care Products: Why I'm Pro-Choice

Black Skin Care Products: Why I’m Pro-Choice

If there's one thing African Americans want, it's more choice. Don't worry; I'm not getting political. I'm talking about more choice in black skin care and hair care products.

One of the reasons I started Nyraju Skin Care is because I was looking for alternatives to what was offered on the market for black skin care and black hair care products targeted to African Americans. I've used those products, and they were great for some issues, but they didn't give me everything I needed. I'm pretty sure you're the same.

That's because not every product range suits everyone, and not every product within a skin care or hair care range is right for you. We're all individuals and our bodies’ reaction to the products we use will vary.

Before I started Nyraju I tried every remedy for hyperpigmentation, dark spots and acne I could find. There wasn't much to choose from, and they weren't always right for my skin. In fact, until recently, you could never even find information in the beauty industry that talked about caring for black skin or black skin care.

The trouble with some products is they include harsh chemicals, fragrances, dyes, hydroquinone, alcohol and even bleach. I ask you - does the cleaning product you use for your floor belong on your face? I don't think so! In fact, those supposed solutions are half the problem in the first place.

Then there are the products added on like an afterthought for ranges designed primarily for Caucasian skin. According to Nielsen, African Americans spend more than the average on skin care products so I can't blame the manufacturers for trying to cash in, but I wish they'd get it right. Even if they put us in a lab or focus group and studied our conversations and behavior, they don't understand the skin care issues people of color have to deal with. They haven't had to live with them and don't get me started on hair - it's usually a mystery to them and to some of us.

That's why we need more choice. People of color want to use products that are GOOD for their skin. There's no point in trying to solve one issue and ending up with another (as people who have overused hydroquinone-based products have discovered). Hydroquinone in products can cause skin irritation and leave you more susceptible to sun damage.

My solution at Nyraju is to go natural. I only create and sell products with natural and organic ingredients. Why? Because natural and organic ingredients nurture, nourish and replenish your skin and hair without side effects. So … if you can’t find your favorite skin and hair care products online or on the shelves in your local stores, or need a natural or organic alternative to them, check out our product mix.

Our products contain at least 70% USDA certified organic ingredients and include essential oils and other botanicals. I’m not saying every product will be right for you, but if you want natural and organic skin and hair care products for African Americans that are actually good for you, you're in the right place.

As Always ...

Dedicated To Your Beauty

Juliette Samuel


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