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Black Skin Care Ingredients: Marula Oil

Black Skin Care Ingredients: Marula Oil

We're always seeing new ingredients come to market as part of the growing line of natural black skin care products.

Today we take a look at Marula oil.

The marula tree is native to southern and western Africa. It births round, yellowish fruits that are said to be a more potent source of Vitamin C than oranges.

Not only is marula oil rich in antioxidants, it's also high in omega 9 oleic acid and omega 6 essential fatty acid linoleic acid.

It hydrates, conditions and smooths redness on your skin and is absorbed quickly. The beauty of Marula oil is that it's light, non-greasy, virtually odorless and absorbs quickly.

Marula oil contains a high concentration of palmitic acid, which forms a coating on your skin, keeping it hydrated for a long period of time.

Studies by ethonobotanist have revealed that because of its extraordinary oxidative stability, Marula oil is ten times more stable to oxidation than olive oil.

This will allow for products with marula oil to have very long shelf life and makes it an ideal natural ingredient for cosmetic formulas.

How is Marula Oil Used?

Marula oil is used for anti-aging, dry skin, eczema, sun damage, acne and dry or damaged hair.

Thanks to the unique composition of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, it's a natural facial moisturizer.

As plant oils go, you typically think of plant oils as carrier oils used in massage, as bases for essential oils or as nutritional ingredients in creams and lotions.

Marula oil works extremely well in decreasing redness and helps keep your skin smoother by blocking enzymes that cause fatty concentrations in your skin.

Because this oil is one that you can actually purchase and use to create your own potion, I really want you to experiment for yourself and give me some feedback on how it works for you.

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Dedicated To Your Beauty,

Juliette Samuel,

Nyraju Skin Care
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