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The Black Hair Care Industry Is Changing, How Does It Affect You?

The Black Hair Care Industry Is Changing, How Does It Affect You?

Within the black hair care industry there have been subtle changes taking place right before your eyes.

With downsizing in corporations, cutbacks in school systems, job loss, illness ... they've all taken their toll on wallets and hairlines.

This has caused shop owners to close their doors or downsize in the space that they occupy. And you have found other alternatives to hair care as a whole.

Current Trends In Black Hair Care

New trends have surfaced because for many, paychecks have gotten smaller or salon owners are no longer offering quality service.

Natural Hair - Not only has natural hair become one of the leading trends in the black hair care industry, it's been for some, a saving grace.

With relaxers, tight braids and stress contributing to hair loss, African American women are looking for a more natural approach to black hair care.

The return of the Afro, an increase in women wearing Locs and the old fashion press and curl are now ways that are being used to style ones hair.

For many of you, wearing your hair natural allows you to wash and style your hair without having to leave your home. Not only are you saving on the cost of hair care but also on the gas typically used to get you to the salon and back.

Mobile Stylist - This is a big trend in the natural hair side of the business. To be able to have your hair shampooed, conditioned and styled in the comfort of your own home is definitely a good alternative.

Barbers and locticians are gaining new clients because they are making it easy for you, the client. You might pay a bit more for the service but most of you that I spoke with feel it's well worth the fee.

Weaves - As quiet as it's kept, African American women are not the biggest purchasers of weave. Caucasians have been adding hair to their heads long before black women.

You've got your $50 Weave shops popping up all over the place. Have you ever asked yourself, whose hair am I wearing and what type of energy did that person have?

It's a valid question. Most people don't put another person's hat on their head, but they'll actually have someone sew another person's hair into their hair. Go figure!

Wigs - A convenient way to transition from relaxed to natural hair is wigs. Wigs have been part of the beauty industry since the days of Cleopatra.

As for African Americans, wigs became extremely popular for entertainers in the 40's 50's, 60's and 70's, because unless they could travel with a personal hair stylist, there was no place they could go to keep their hair groomed.

Reinventing Yourself has changed the Black Hair Care Industry

You've changed the black hair care industry. You want natural hair because you no longer want chemicals thinning your temples and burning your scalp.

You're wearing wigs to stretch your Salon visits and change your look at the same time.

For what it's worth weaves give you drama and unique expression but until your hair stops growing from the glue or tight sew in, weave is here to stay.

The traditional press and curl still exist and it too is being used as a method of transitioning until you decide just how natural you want to be.

Finally ...

We've always had this infatuation with our hair. We were told as Black people that our hair was nappy and as such we were ugly. We were told in subtle and overt ways that the straighter our hair the more beautiful we were. This "belief" set up an entire hair care industry.

Pomades, hair grease, straightening combs, wigs, weave and Du rag's are all used to keep or present black hair as straight as possible.

Did anyone ever share with you that your natural hair, the natural spiral (nappy) coil of your black hair, is the same type of coil that makes up the universe. You and the universe as one. Like attract like, doesn't it?

Dedicated To Your Beauty,

Juliette Samuel,

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