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Skin Care for Black Men with Acne Problems

Skin Care for Black Men with Acne Problems

We often write about caring for the skin of black women but black men have challenges with the skin too. They would benefit from the same skin care regimen as black women, cleanse, tone and moisturize.

One of the skin problems often encountered by black men comes in the form of acne. This is a skin condition that can consist of the formation of nodules or cysts that become infected. It can also be accompanied by blackheads or whiteheads, which are deposits of dirt and grime into the pores.

Teenagers are more commonly affected by acne although it can manifest even in the later years of life. It can be caused by a variety of reasons such as changes in your hormone levels as well as a poor diet or exposure to pollution. Acne affects your hair follicles as well as your sebaceous glands, which are charged with the production of oil in your skin.

Although acne is not exclusive to any race or gender, it does require the need for a particular set of skin care products for black men.

The reason for this is that some acne treatments can result in the temporary lightening of your skin. For those with dark complexions, this can lead to an uneven skin tone and discolorations.

In addition to this, your skin may dry out and lead to flakiness or itching. If your skin becomes inflamed due to the acne, then the melanin may become overactive and leave excessive dark spots even after the cysts has healed.

Left untreated your skin will suffer from deep scars and large pores, dark spots and puss oozing from the sores.

As part of a skin care regimen for black men, acne should be addressed using a combination of treatments and proper diets. One of the easiest ways to fight off the inflammation is to drink enough water each day. Not only will the water flush out the toxins but it will also keep the skin properly hydrated. Eating enough fruits and vegetables is also a good part of skin care for black men. It provides your body with the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals that will allow your body to fight off infections and inflammations.

Aside from being eaten, fruits and vegetables can also be used externally to prevent and get rid of acne. Cucumber, lime, honey, or oats can be applied on your face for their healing properties.

For example, oats can gently exfoliate your skin and take away excess oils that lead to acne. Another option is to use natural essential oils such as tea tree to fight off the inflammation and kill the bacteria that causes the acne.

Acne can be controlled and improved. A combination of eating nutritious foods and keeping your skin clean will give you a healthy and fresh looking complexion.

Dedicated to Your Beauty,

Juliette Samuel,

Nyraju Skin Care
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