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Acne and African American Skin - How Have You Approached Your Treatments?

How Have You Approached Your Acne Treatments and What Ingredients are contained in Your Products?

When you look at what's offered today, most acne treatments contain a single ingredient and that's benzyl peroxide.

Benzyl Peroxide - When you look at the benefits of peroxide in your treatment, it's used because it has the ability to kill the bacteria that causes acne. It oxidizes the oil on the surface of your skin that's often produced, it increases the pH level of your skin and, for some, it causes redness, itching, stinging and sometimes swelling.

This is not something you want to see either. So when you see a product that contains benzyl peroxide see if the product offers you the amount or percentage because with treatments, you don't want to create another challenge based on the product that you've chosen.

Another ingredient used in dealing with acne is salicylic acid.

Salicylic acid is an organic beta hydroxy acid. In other words, it's a natural plant derived ingredient. It causes the dead skin cells to shed more rapidly and prevent your pores from clogging. It allows for new growth, helping to reduce and prevent blackheads.

When you've got all this oil building up on your skin and you don't find a way to slough away the dead skin cells that are building up, you have more trauma to your skin. With the salicylic acid you'll typically find it in a cleanser or topical treatment and it too is designed to exfoliate and prepare your skin for other ingredients that are used to treat acne and can be more effective. It also reduces bacteria and excess oil from your skin.

Another set of ingredients is glycolic acid and alpha lypoic acid. When you combine these 2 acids together they will help correct the abnormal skin build up and the secretion of oil. Azelaic acid is another ingredient that's used when treating acne.

This is a prescription product that's used in lower concentrations and when combined with other anti-acne products, it can help eliminate hyper-pigmentation, but you're looking at a prescription. While most acne treatments come in prescription form, the more natural you can treat any skin condition, the better.

When you use azelaic acid, it can enhance the anti-bacterial effect in the treatment and it also will decrease the acnes that can cause those legions or scars or craters (inflammatory acne legions). Vitamin A which you've heard of as retnoids or used as retnol are also available in prescription form but can be found in products over the counter. It's very temperamental in treating acne in skin of color. Allantorian is a diuride of glycolic acid and it's a natural botanical extract of the comfrey plant.

When we look at treatments and the timeline of treatments, you always like to see things happen yesterday. It's important to understand that timelines for realistic results and acne cases typically for mild acne, you'll see anywhere from 30-50% improvement within a 12 week period and you'll see 60% or better within 26 weeks.

Two of the most important factors of the initial treatments of acne are based on your skin type and the severity of the condition. 9 out of 10 times you will see acne on more oily skin, but you're also looking at the severity of the acne.

Added to those components, being an African American or person of color, you have to take into consideration the melanin. When acne becomes very active where there's a lot of oil production which causes blackheads, which means you start pushing blackheads to the surface and watching them come out, you feel good about that because you no longer have bumps coming up out of your face. But then you look at it, too much pressure to get that blackhead out of your skin, you've now got a legion or scar and when that heals you'll see skin discoloration and dark spots.

That adds onto the timeline for seeing results when it comes to treating your skin. It's important to understand that any acne treatment requires your ability to make allowances and modifications. You may have to use less or more of a product. The key is to be consistent.

With oily skin, the one thing that has to be taken into consideration is how do you reduce the oiliness and increase the effectiveness of the product that you're using.

You Are Not Immune to Sun Damage as an African American

You also have to consider that you're not immune to sun damage when it comes to the challenge of acne.

A sunscreen has to be taken into consideration and used when you're out daily and it should be be one that does not contain oil. When we look at acne, this is just treating it and dealing with it from a topical point of view. I mentioned nutrition earlier, but for now we'll keep this particular article contained to the ingredients, the treatments and the timelines that one should look at when it comes to acne and how to treat it.

That's it for this week, As always ...

Dedicated to Your Beauty,

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